Payment Methods


Go to any Cebuana Pera Padala / Western Union / LBC Branch or ML Kwarta Padala

The receiver's information:

  • Fullname: JEMELL M. BUCAD
  • Address: Caloocan City, Philippines

When done sending payment via Western Union, LBC,ML Kwarta Padala, Cebuana Pera Padala. click Submit ticket and submit the following details below (Make sure you are logged-in as client)

  1. Control Number: _______________________
  2. Sender's Full Name: ____________________
  3. Address: ______________________________
  4. Cellphone: _____________________________
  5. Amount: ______________________________

“Note: When creating a payment ticket, please select Hosting Orders department and use New Order Payment as subject. For those existing customers choose Billing department and use Monthly Payments as subject.. „


✔ Smart Padala / Smart Money

  1. Go to any nearest Smart Padala outlet.
  2. Fill up the form. Here are some of the important fields that you need to fill:
    Smart Padala Number: 5299-6760-1695-2125
    Mobile Number: 09159836263 (Send the Full Transaction on this #)

✔ Bank Deposit / Fund Transfer


A ticket is still needed when payment is made through UnionBank / BDO Bank Deposit. Please keep invoice as proof.

Note: Login to your client area then submit a ticket, please select Bills & Payment department and use New Orders Payment as subject. Don't forget to attach the scan copy of deposit slip as a proof that you have deposited a cash.


✔ PayPal Pay Online

READ ME FIRST: Add products to your cart then after the checkout button, complete the registration form if new customers (or you can login if registered customer), the Payment method is Paypal if you plan to pay using paypal or select different payment options just make sure to read our terms and conditions. You don't need to submit ticket when using paypal as for transactions.

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